As Pi Youth Association, we organize monthly speaking clubs for English and other foreign languages in order to support young people’s access to international opportunities, information and their social cohesion on the international level. Our speaking clubs take place in our office in Izmir / Konak (Çankaya) and are open only to individuals aged 15-30. To register for free speaking clubs, simply fill in the application form for the day / group that suits you the most. There is a quota of 20 people for each speaking club. After the quota is filled, the registration form is closed, and it is no longer possible to register. After completing the online application form, you can directly come to the first course of the selected option. It is not possible for people who do not register to attend classes. For your questions and suggestions, please contact us through iletisim@pigenclikdernegi.org or 0232 483 03 14.

08-15-22-29 February 2020,
Saturdays between 15.00 and 17.00 A1-A2 level Turkish Speaking Club

You can get detailed information about the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) in order to determine the level of your current speaking skills.


1) These registrations are only for 4 weeks of the month specified in the title. New registrations will be opened for the upcoming months.

2) Attendance of participants is monitored. If you do not attend more than 1 week of the course which will last 4 weeks in total, your registration will be deleted. This means that if you are absent for 2 weeks, your registration will be cancelled. Please do not register if you are uncertain about your availability for the period you intend to register for.

3) Due to the quota in speaking clubs, participants who registered but do not attend the class are hindering the opportunities of other potential participants. For this reason, the participants who are registered but do not attend (except for compelling reasons) will not be able to benefit from any activities of our association for 1 (one) year.

4) The last 2 rules above are to reduce as much as possible the number of people who have previously enrolled but did not participate for various or unjustified reasons in speaking clubs and hence hindered the participation of other interested young people.

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