“One learns while one lives.” they say; “Learning is a life-long process.” others utter; and then through it, we arrive at the motto “Knowledge is Power!”. Indeed, it is I would claim.

Bounding myself to constantly learn, to read that article, to delve into the depths of the unknown information helped me become a more resourceful and skillful person in various areas, from history and art to food and drinks, to translating and writing, to the newest one I am bound to achieve: learning entrepreneurship. Speaking of which, I am at its starting point.

It was wintertime when I commence my journey into this endeavor. And as the winter started progressing harshly in December, I was warming up my engines to speed up the absorption of the dynamic and vivid theoretical understanding of how to do business. Never have I ever thought I would have an idea to lead something, even though be it a small digital publication, a magazine that I have in my mind. Such a small idea brought me farther than a plane could do it. Just by clicks and types, I came across notions and perspectives that can reach thousands, if not millions of people. Having that in mind, I wrote my business plan and applied to the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) program supported by the European Commission. All things went through very smoothly, and soon after, I embarked on the entrepreneurial trip.

It included a good amount of communication with various actors in the process, which enabled me to enhance my relations-building skill. Also, starting a magazine called for finding a proper partner that can help me sink into the know-how of editing and publishing a magazine. Luckily, there were the people from Pi Youth Association with their punctual and effective work and communication. Within a couple of months, there was me in their nice offices already discussing the practical understanding of how to do business. And more to that, the city of Izmir is just the right pick for my intended plans. Just look at this motivational and inspirational statue right next to their office.

In the first month, I had very pleasurable walks around the city center and encountered great examples of young endeavors with modern, urban, and entrepreneurial approaches. Either be that the minimalistic design for a fish restaurant or the elaborate exterior of a coffee shop to associate with the richness of the coffee beans, it provides me an insight that ideas are viable and tenable as long as we work on them with passion and dedication.

Right in the first weeks, they provided me introductory talks for Canva, Photoshop, and Illustrator. We all know their complexity, especially for the latter two, but when one has a mentor willing to share the knowledge; then, the obstacles are surely annulled. The abundance of young people possessing enormous determination and ambition makes me feel secure and in high spirits that if we aim towards progress, progress is what we will achieve. As I already had my first attempts in the designing area, as part of the learning process here, I feel confident that I came to the right place to learn from the right people.

Furthermore, I had such a wonderful stroke of luck to arrive one month before the Pi Youth Association’s 7th anniversary. As its name suggests, we celebrated it on Saturday, 3.14, under a clear sky with tons of sunshine, and immense enthusiasm for the upcoming seven years as they are the initiator of the new project called Network of Local Youth Associations. That is a large endeavor. It will strive to carry the everlasting need for better and stronger policies toward the youth. I wish them great success!

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